ZIKEE Brush Drill Attachment, Power Drill Scrubber Brush Set for Cordless Drill for Cleaning bathroom, Tub, Tile, Grout, Shower, Carpet

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Manufacturer Description

Try our fabulous scrubbing brush cleaner set for all your cleaning applications around the house. These are great brushes for the above average homeowner who wants to make cleaning more enjoyable and less difficult.

These brushes turn boring tedious cleaning jobs into challenging and successful projects. Use your imagination and these brushes will most likely be able to assist you in your cleaning project.

This three piece scrub brush kit is designed for most cordless drills. Since corded power drills can generate too much torque and speed, the most effective way to use these attachments is with battery-powered cordless drills. They offer better precision and control, which is particularly useful for maneuvering within tight spaces or for gentle cleansing applications (Drill NOT Included).

How to Use
1. Simply mount the brush attachment into cordless power drill
2. Press the power trigger to put the brush into spin mode
3. Start scrubbing whatever surface you'd like to target first (Great for cleaning tile and grout, shower pans and tubs, dirty sinks, glass stove tops, baseboard and floors, counter tops and dirty cabinets, you name it, these brushes will do the job).

Tips for You
1. Your cordless drill should have a lock function to prevent unwanted detachment between the drill and brush when cleaning.
2. Set you drill into the Low Speed Mode to avoid splatters when cleaning with water or detergents.
3. If it's your first time to use the brush with a drill, you may need some time to get used to it.
4. If you're using harsh chemicals, please make sure you wear protective eyewear to keep you safe.
5. Cleaning with detergents, you may find it much easier to clean.
6. It is recommended to use a cordless drill under 1200g. Drills above 1200g may make you feel tired when cleaning.

Product Features

SPEED UP CLEANING PROCESS. If you fall into the "hates scrubbing filthy showers, toilets, and bathroom floors by hand" category, a scrubbing brush attachment should fit nicely into your arsenal of home cleaning equipment. This brush cleaner for drill can turn an ordinary brush head into a super powerful cleaning tool, making it super easy to clean the entire bathtub in less than ten minutes without any arm fatigue. (Drill NOT Included) CLEAN WITH LESS EFFORT. Once the bristle brush is attached to a drill and rotates, it can help you consume less efforts to clean the dirty nook and hiding places than hand scubbing. This product has been tested by professional cleaning companies and is proven to be an effective and efficient method of cleaning. (Drill NOT Included) MULTIPLE CLEANING TASKS. 3 different shapes and sizes of brushes are designed for cleaning different areas. The 4" flat brush is awesome for big flat surfaces (e.g. bathtub, bathtub tile, glass door). The round corner brush is perfect to clean the toilet while the small 2" flat brush is nice for the corners and edges. It is recommeded to have one brush set for bathroom and the other set for kitchen. (Drill NOT Included) QUALITY PRODUCT. These spin scrubber can be easily attached to your cordless drills. This medium stiffness brushes are made from polypropylene nylon that is guaranteed not to scratch. The brush are also produced on automatic production lines for industry-leading stability of product quality. (Drill NOT Included) 30-DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: If you are not completely satisfied with our Cleaning Brushes Set, we will issue you a full refund within 30 days after purchase. (Drill NOT Included)

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