Sumnacon Floor Door Stopper, Stainless Steel and Rubber Heavy Duty Door Stopper Avoid Drilling Holes,Contemporary Safety Door Wedge on All Floor Surfaces for Home Office Commercial Industrial

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Why get excited about a door stopper?

These things are strong! And sturdy! It's attractive looking too, not like the big ugly rubber ones you see in office buildings or something schools. It has a pretty chrome finish.

They are not light-weight nor do they slide around on the floor. When you use these to hold a door open they stay put.
They are very sleek and clean looking and fit your decor perfectly.

The rubber bottom and top gripped the door frame and it didn't budge.

This stopper will not scratch your delicate flooring,it can be used on carpet,wooden floors,or this door stopper also can be used granite or concrete flooring.

They have perfect non-skid on the back and won't move with the weight of the door.

If you are dealing with higher lifted doors, the stoppers can be placed one on top of the other and will constitute the same reliable guard as taken alone.
The high quality rubber from the top and buttom of the stoppers will prevent them from slipping.

In spite of its discrete presence, the door stopper successfully holds even heavy doors and does not slip, no matter if it's placed on hone,
parquet, marble or granite. Its hardness will ensure dogs won't chew it and kids won't play with it.


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Product Features

Simple,functional, industrial yet elegant- Good rubber on bottom, don't worry damaged the carpet when you use it on (and keeps a dog or cat from pushing the door open and sneaking inside). Also increases the Safety of all those Inhabiting the Space, whether it is your Home or Office. Imagine You Will Not have to Worry about Hearing your Baby crying because the Door keeps on Closing, or your Kids Keep Slamming the Doors Nice Door Stopper for Most Doors - Tired of your doors swinging to and fro? An attractive door stop and don't need to go the permanent route of having to attach them to the doors. They are an attractive brushed nickel and look just fine sitting next to the door when not in use. Solid rubber build,and a metal clamp. It is very easy to place and remove with one foot. These have an awesome look, and could go well with retro, contemporary, or modern style. Doorstopper or Laptop Stands - Not only can use these as doorstops...can use to keep your laptops elevated and air circulating under them, wedge them under your computers and use them as laptop risers! These work really well because they don't slide around on your desk--the underside is very grippy rubber--and they're nicely weighted since they're made of metal. Use these for regular indoor doors, bathrooms and bedroom, kitchen. To keep doors open don't worry your cat or dogs closing doors and locking herself in a room. These fit the style of the house. The quality is outstanding. This is a great approach if you want to avoid drilling holes in your wall for a stop. Please check your door height-these are for a normal inside door height clearance. Each door stopper is 4,72 inch (120 mm) long, has a max height of 1,18 inch (30 mm), Minimum height is 0.27 inch(0.7cm). Please kindly checked that detail beforehand. Use on all flooring surfaces including carpet, wood, tile, stone, concrete, laminate, and linoleum. Also great with all door types like metal, wood and glass.

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