Howard Feed-N-Wax 1/2 Gallon and Howard Lemon Oil Gallon, Clean Kitchen Cabinets, Wood Cleaner, Orange Wood Cleaner, Clean Hardwood Floors, Beeswax Wood Preserver

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Manufacturer Description

Howard Lemon Wood Cleaner Gallon and Beeswax Feed N Wax 1/2 Gallon size. No Silicone No Alcohol safe on all wood surfaces. Recommended by leading antique dealers hardwood floor companies. This large set of cleaner and preserver will clean wax approx. 800 square feet of wood surface. Great to dust Hardwood Floors Laminates. Feed N Wax is great to preserve wood cabinets, wood floors, great wood preserver for antiques. You no longer need to look at dingy dry and lifeless wood surfaces! This amazing Feed N Wax Wood Preserver protects enhances and guards all types of wood finishes. Contains Beeswax, Carnauba Wax, and Orange oil. Our Beeswax Wood Preserver penetrates directly into the wood to eliminate dry dull moisture and sun damaged surfaces leaving a wonderful lustrous warm shine. It's the type of shine that professional home decorators dream of! Note: If you let the Feed N Wax set overnight on a dry piece of wood it will penetrate up to 1/4 inch into the wood surface. Now we are talking about preserving! Howard's Lemon Oil cleans and polishes all wood surfaces including antiques furniture and kitchen cabinets without drying the wood finish like so many other wood cleaners do over time. Howard Lemon cleaner polishes enhance the depth tone and natural beauty of the wood grain every time you dust. Clean wood cabinets clean wood floors clean kitchen cabinets. Great Wood Furniture Cleaner, Wood Table Cleaner, Best Wood Floor Cleaner, Teak Wood Cleaner, Wood Cabinet Cleaner.

Product Features

Howard Lemon Wood Cleaner and Recondtioner- easy 2 step wood care clean years of unwanted grease grime old aerosols lemon oils on kitchen cabinets furniture and antiques. This is not just any Lemon Oil or Cleaner this product was developed to clean the toughest grime and years of buildup Wood Furniture Cleaner, Wood Table Cleaner, Teak Wood Cleaner, Wood Cabinet Cleaner Best wood floor cleaner, use as an antique wood cleaner, miniwax wood cleaner, wood laminate cleaner, lemon luster cleaner, clean grease from cabinets, clean wood floors, clean wood furniture. Wood flooring cleaner great for mopping, mop wood floors. Spray refill solution for multiple floor cleaning and wood cabinet cleaning. Howard Lemon wood cleaner is the top wood cleaner and beeswax finish. Great orange fragrance gentle on your hands no silicone or wax no harsh orange dye in the Lemon Oil. Clean and dust kitchen cabinets hardwood floors wood paneling furniture antiques any wood surface Great to clean kitchen cabinets clean wood floors clean wood cabinets. Clean and dust kitchen cabinets, hardwood floors, wood paneling, furniture, antiques, any wood surface. Use Feed N Wax to treat and protect dry and damaged wood furniture antiques and all hardwood surfaces. Repair steam damage from coffee pots and stoves. Remove watermarks oxidation use on your vintage decor gives protection from cracking scratch restoration. Use to restore barnwood use on exterior doors and window frames. Great to use for woodworking projects and woodwork. Repair dry and damaged wood furniture. Great for removing coffee and tea stains

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